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Alabama's Conservation Enforcement Officers

Development of Master Plan, Additional Study and Report Lead to Closing of Gulf State Park Golf Course

Special Youth Waterfowl Hunting Day on November 17

Alabama WFF Closely Monitoring Mississippi CWD Cases

While Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF) officials continue to do all they can to keep chronic wasting disease (CWD) out of Alabama, unfortunately the latest news from our neighbors in Mississippi is not good. Another deer in the lower Mississippi Delta in Issaquena County, a 2½-year-old doe, tested positive for CWD last week. The initial CWD case in Mississippi last January was also in Issaquena County, confirmed in a 4½-year-old buck. These are in addition to the Mississippi deer in a different county that tested positive for CWD about two weeks ago. A 1½-year-old…